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See the calendar below for the Spring
2015 Accelerated Business and Personal Development (former BBTC) Conference!

Dates and locations for the Fall 2015 Business Acceleration Training (BAT) series will be posted soon.

"I just want to let you know that you are my living heroes, putting so many valuable people together for the Business Brain Trust Conference. There were so many things to learn, and you can book me in for the next one right now! I hope that many more Mexicans can have the same learning opportunities."  Ceci Rubio, Club Canada Swimming, Mexico City, Mexico
Top Reasons to attend a Business Acceleration Training event!

#1: Stay AHEAD with the Children's Activity Center industry trends, best practices and innovations!

#2: Benefit immediately from our laser focus on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and Communication.  

#3: No nonsense Expert Presenters - we get down to the tools, techniques and metrics to excel.

#4: First day professional training for Owners/GM's/Administrators; second day professional training for Program and Office Managers. Attend either day or both!

#5: Attend as a Team - leave as an even stronger Team!

#6: Presentations and Interactive Round Tables in every session.

#7: Expand and reinforce your Professional Networking!