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Business valuations

Want to know the true value or worth of your business? Our experienced team prepares industry-specific business valuation opinions for purposes including preparation for sale, partner buyouts, net worth statements and succession planning.

We are full-time career professionals who specialize in the children's activity industry, are Certified Business Intermediaries (IBBA), and are members of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA).

Benefits of 3rd Level's Business Valuation service:

  • A straightforward opinion of value from the leading source of valuations in our industry. We have the only available database of completed industry transactions.
  • We use multiple valuation methods to give you a complete picture of how your business value appears to different buyer types.
  • We blend the science and art of valuation to give you a sales price range and a variety of transaction structures.
  • Gain clarity with respect to the best time to sell. Should you sell now, or improve operations and then sell? We give you experienced, unbiased, no-pressure advice.
  • Sellers: Prepare your business for the highest sale price.
  • Buyers: Get a fair value for your investment.

"Liz and I completed the sale of Happy Fish thanks to your valuation and negotiation services. Thank you so much for your help! I will recommend you and your companies to anyone I can." Tom Montoya (California)